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  • Karen Toralba

    Karen Toralba

    I write fictional stories, writing tips, travel blurbs, and other random pieces.

  • Kristin Wilson

    Kristin Wilson

    Author of Digital Nomads for Dummies. Host of Badass Digital Nomads Podcast and https://www.YouTube.com/TravelingwithKristin

  • Jenny Bravo

    Jenny Bravo

    I write books and help authors through personal trial-and-error. I write at www.jennybravobooks.com. Other interests include: yoga, coffee, and my dog.

  • Brenda Mahler

    Brenda Mahler

    Real life person sharing real life stories. Writing about travel, dogs, and healthy lifestyles.

  • Jari Roomer

    Jari Roomer

    I share the habits, systems, and mental frameworks for peak performance • Pre-Order The Medium Formula → https://bit.ly/3nchfiC

  • Ogueji Chisom Caleb

    Ogueji Chisom Caleb

    Technical writer, Blockchain enthusiast, Node operator

  • Cole Landon Cordle

    Cole Landon Cordle

    Graduate of Kentucky Christian University; History, Bible; and Biblical Language;

  • Tanya


    I’m on a journey to grow as executive in MNC and as working mother. I’m here to share my experience and learning over the years in these roles.

  • JamieWrites


    I am a YA fiction author and blogger. Passionate about books, theatre and the environment. Everyone should have a healthy work-life balance so I share my tips.

  • Margie Willis

    Margie Willis

    Read the best writers at Medium → see my ongoing PAL (Pure Awesomeness Lists)!

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