10 Classes to Take In College For Fun

Noah Nelson
4 min readFeb 14, 2021

Your college years are some of the greatest moments you will ever spend in your life. You find your passion. You find your true friends. You could potentially meet the love of you life.

Most importantly, you are there to earn a degree in higher education. Some classes may be tougher than others. Nevertheless, while you’re at college, take some time for fun classes.

College is about the only time in your life you are able to take the following classes for fun! Don’t pass up this chance to learn something not associated with your major at all.

1. Creative Writing

If you’ve every wanted to grow as a writer or let you creativity flow, taking a creative writing class might be your best bet.

You will learn how to write fiction, poetry, drama, and memoir, among so much more. You’ll sharpen your writing skills while also having fun.

You’ll be introduced to new writers and voices, thus expanding your mind creativity.

Don’t pass up the chance to take creative writing. Who know, you might just enjoy it!

2. Photography

We’ve all taken at least one picture in our life. Have you ever wanted to get better at it.

By taking a photography class, you will learn about color, focus, angles and so much more. You’ll learn how to take professional pictures in no time.

Maybe this will lead into your next side hustle. You never know unless you try.

3. Art History

Have you ever wanted to know more about art? Have the different forms, movements and artists ever fascinated you?

Take an art history class at college. You’ll learn why art is the way it is, creativity and some history of the world.

This would be beneficial the next time you visit an art museum. Become an expert and impress your friends.

4. Astronomy

Learning about space is out of this world! Pun aside, what better time to learn about the galaxy than during college.

You will learn about the stars, planets and why space is the way it is. You’ll probably never travel to the moon, but learning about it would be super cool.

You might just find yourself buying a telescope or becoming NASA’s next employee.



Noah Nelson

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